Shape of Sound

Shape of Sound   Knowledge  is the needed boma or best tool of an amplitude  f or   social  anim als .  It  h as  been mentioned, in Indian scripts and  var ious   text s, many a  time s that knowledge has  to  be acclaimed, gained, considered and observed as supreme element.  Significance  of  self  discipline,  analysis , development, reasoning, logic,  updating  is taught to us by our s age s in the  most  humble manner. Knowing  own   existence  and knowing the ‘mo tt o’ is the  question  which lies in our  tr ad it ion  as the  base  of ‘knowledge’. However, in the  process  of furnishing or nurturing self, it also asks one to  ign ore  ‘I’ and guides towards selflessness.  Our scripts very aptly states to find  peace  within and process, and for that one has to be  attach ed  with the real and needed knowledge. Indian knowledge tradition has no place for  illogical  theories,  unwanted  stuffs and  complex  concepts. We have ‘ Teacher  – disciple’  learning   system  in our own r